· Each Member must act honestly, fairly and reasonably in all matters connected with German
Austrian Society of Australia Limited. Without limiting this obligation, each Member:

· Must promptly tell German Austrian Society of Australia Limited if there is a change to details submitted in their membership application or Member Details;

· Must not attempt to transfer or otherwise deal with any Member Benefit other than in accordance with the Membership Terms;

· Must not abuse or misuse it for any inappropriate, illegal or unlawful activity;

· Must comply with any applicable acceptable use, rules of participation or similar

· Must not engage in any behaviour in communicating with another Member that could reasonably be interpreted as intended to bully, intimidate or harass a person.

· Must not in using a forum provided by German Austrian Society  post content that could reasonably be interpreted to be defamatory, malicious, hate speech, threatening or pornographic, incite violence or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence;

· Must not undertake any action that could damage the reputation of German Austrian Society

· Must not make representations on behalf of German Austrian Society  without prior approval in writing. For example, a Member must not organise an event in the name of the German Austrian Society  without prior written approval;

· Must regularly check their Membership Account and promptly notify us of any discrepancies in their Membership Account and in any case within three months after the relevant transaction; and

· Supply such information as we reasonably request (e.g., to assist us to verify eligibility).


· To be eligible to apply to be a Member/Associate Member you must meet the applicable eligibility criteria on German Austrian Society of Australia Limited Website, complete a membership application, pay the application fee/subscription or part thereof (if applicable), and agree to the Membership Terms.

· In order to assess if you meet the eligibility criteria, we may require you to provide further information to support your application or contact a relevant third party (parent, member referee). The eligibility criteria may differ between Membership Types.

· The Board have the discretion, acting reasonably, to accept or reject any membership application.

· If we accept your membership application, and upon receiving notification of your membership approval will not start until you complete all required membership registration requirements including payment of membership fee (if applicable).



· Any person not younger than eighteen (18) years of age who is interested in furtherance of the object of the German Austrian Society may become and Associate Member.  All rules concerning full members are applicable to the Associate Member.

· Any person younger than eighteen (18) years to be granted Junior Membership if they so desire. Junior Members who have been admitted to a Junior Membership category of a sub-group (shooting, cards, Ten Pin Bowling etc) can enter the Club as of right and us the unrestricted areas of the Club.  At the age of 18 may be elevated to Associate membership.

· An individual who is employed by the German Austrian Society may apply for an Associate membership and will  not be  eligible to vote at a meeting of the Club or at any election of the body of the German Austrian Society or hold office as a member of the governing body of the Club.

· Persons holding Associate membership for a period of a least  two (2) consecutive years may be eligible to be approved full membership status upon meeting the required guidelines and approval of the committee.

· The Associate Member may not be elected into office of the Society.


· Once you are a member of German Austrian Society you are entitled to remain a member until you or we terminate your membership in accordance with this clause.

· A Member may terminate membership of German Austrian Society  at any time by advising us in writing. The membership shall cease at the expiration of fourteen (14) days after the receipt of the notification.

· If a Member breaches the Membership Terms and we, acting reasonably, consider that it is a serious breach, then we may at our discretion terminate the person's membership.

· No liquor shall be sold or supplied to any person under eighteen (18) years of age and no such person shall have or consume any liquor upon the Club premises

· If any member shall be convicted of an offence of a character of dishonesty or becomes bankrupt he/she shall be regarded automatically as withdrawn (Articles of Association 18).

· Termination of membership will not entitle the Member to a refund of any application fee or renewal fee.


To the extent permitted by law, we have no liability to you whatsoever in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise for conduct of a Member,  conduct of an organisation interacting with the German Austrian Society

 Members are advised to check the accuracy and currency of content on The German Austrian Society Website before relying on it. eg, there may be a time lag between a detail changing and the Website being updated. While we aim to address accuracy issues promptly upon becoming aware of them, to the extent permitted by law, we have no liability to you whatsoever in contract, tort (including negligence), statute or otherwise for any reliance you place on content on the German Austrian Society Website.

 The Membership Terms are subject to any rights or remedies you have under law, including under the Australian Consumer Law, that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.



If a Member has a complaint or concern with German Austrian Society, a Member Benefit or the conduct of another Member please contact the German Austrian Society promptly about the matter. We will work with you in good faith to try to resolve the issue and take appropriate action.



 The privacy of your personal information is important to us. A Member's Personal Information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on German Austrian Website or on request.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to the collection, disclosure and use of your personal information as described in our Privacy Policy..

If you wish to contact us about your personal information please use the contact details on German Austrian Society Website or email us at ……………..

You can also email us at …………… complain about a breach and how we will deal with any complaint.



 Members will be able to post content in different forums. Before you post any content, you are responsible for your membership obligations.  The forum might be public (anyone can view) and content that you provide must not be in infringement of copyright obscene, offensive or defamatory.

 You must not provide content if you do not have the right to do so or if you do not wish us to be able to use that content as set out in the Membership Terms. If you have posted content that you wish us to remove, you should contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to remove the content. However, we cannot control and we are not responsible for the use that anyone makes of that content prior to its removal..


Unless we determine that another means of communication is more appropriate, we may communicate with you using email sent to the email address in your Member Details or by posting a notice to your Member Account. You should communicate with us using the applicable contact details on German Austrian Society Website.


• The Membership Terms and any other documents referred to in the Membership Terms form the entire agreement between you and us about the subject matter of the membership agreement and supersede all other representations, negotiations, arrangements, understandings or agreements and all other communications.

• The Membership Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales.

• Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales